practice purchase

Practice Purchase

Medifinance has an experienced team of Consultants, a number of whom are ex specialist healthcare bankers. They can help you find the best commercial loan to facilitate a first time practice purchase or an additional practice you may be seeking to acquire. We can help source whatever mortgage is required to suit a particular situation, both secured and unsecured. Bespoked bridging, development and short-term finance can also be arranged in line with specific requirements.

Whatever your needs and circumstances, a Medifinance Consultant is on hand to guide you through your options and provide independent advice on the best funding method for your particular project.

Whether you are an experienced practice owner or a first-time buyer, one of our Consultants will look at your potential acquisition through the eyes of a potential lender and help raise the required finance on the best available terms. Trying to find a specialist healthcare lender with the right level of appetite for extending credit can often prove to be a time consuming and frustrating process. Your Medifinance Consultant will overcome this through an in depth knowledge of the banking world and, as a result, deliver you the most suitable solution.