Work Hard or Work Smart? The evolution of 'Smart Healthcare' #medifinanceblog #smarthealthcare #workhardworksmart

​​Everyone understands that the healthcare industry is complex; ever-demanding patients, immense regulation and compliance, and huge pressures to stay cost-efficient.  Now more than ever, the need is there for the healthcare industry to find innovative ways to deliver patient centred, technology driven, 'Smart Healthcare'

But what exactly is 'Smart Healthcare' and more importantly, how do we reach this utopia?

'Smart Healthcare' is about creating a positive margin in an uncertain and changing health economy. It is responding to policy and complex regulations whilst all the time engaging with consumers and improving the patient experience - a challenge to say the least for many healthcare professionals, but by evolving smartly, planning and embracing new technology, the move from working hard to working smart can begin.

Technology can be used to ensure that appropriate healthcare is delivered at the right time and at the right price.  Investing in exponential technologies can reduce costs, improve efficiency and care and increase availability and access. This is alongside the positive impact over your entire business - from patient diagnosis and treatment, to day to day operational efficiencies.  Whilst traditionally technology has been seen as futuristic and expensive, it is becoming more apparent that it could be the medium to smarter working, and the list of its applications are endless; electronic patient records, eHealth and mHealth, Omni channel patient access, customer apps and patient portals, online booking, payroll, compliance, digital radiography, robots - the list goes on.

A change in mind-set is needed if 'Smart Healthcare' is to be achieved.  Healthcare professionals need to embrace strategies where they invest in, and collaborate with, new technology to improve efficiencies.  The result will be healthcare professionals communicating and sharing information in a safe, effective and efficient manner.  Using patient data which is centrally located and accessed easily in a protected environment.  Intelligent management, where the correct individuals are providing the correct care and treatment to informed and happy patients who are active in their own care.
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Sunday, 26 September 2021

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