How Quickly Can You Pay Out?

Short term funding; From application to received funds we can pay out very quickly;

For personal loans, we can pay out within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)
For business loans, we can pay out within 3 days (Mon-Fri)

Do I Need Any Guarantees?

Guarantee’s are decided on a case by case basis, however personal guarantees are usually required for limited companies

What Makes Medifinance Unique?

Although we have access to a wide panel of lenders, we are a completely independent company

Due to our use of technology we can cut down on paper-work & red tape

We offer a personal, confidential service. You will deal with the same experienced team member throughout your application to guarantee a smooth & efficient process

We will use our extensive experience to ensure that we can build a bespoke solution for you, with the most competitive rates on the market

How Much Can I Borrow?

For personal loans, we will consider applications from £2,000 to £35,000 over 6 months to 5 years

For business loans, HP or leasing options we will consider applications from £2,000 to £150,000 (as a guideline only) per equity partner over 6 months to 7 years

For Practice or Pharmacy purchases we can arrange medium to long term finance; Goodwill loans up to 15 years & Freehold loans up to 25 years.

Due to our enviable position in the lending market we can offer rates tailored to your individual circumstances. We can often offer funding without a deposit & from 1 to 7 years fixed monthly repayments

What Applications will Medifinance Consider?

We can offer financial options for a whole range of borrowing needs. The most common reasons for applying are;

  • Purchase of new equipment
  • Refurbishment or renovation of premises
  • Tax bill payment
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Commercial mortgage
  • Practice or Pharmacy purchase
  • Personal loan
  • Business partnership buy in